Andrew Scott to perform online at Old Vic

Amazing news!

Old Vic teamed up with Andrew Scott to bring a new artistic initiative of socially distanced performances streamed live from the iconic Old Vic stage with the empty auditorium as a backdrop.

The performances of the ‘Three Kings’ starring Scott will be live-streamed from The Old Vic stage for ticket holders online from 29 Jul to 01 Aug at 7.30pm BST with a 2.30pm BST matinee stream.

On Sat 01 Aug at 9pm BST ‘In Conversation’ interwiew with Andrew Scott will be live-streamed after the final performance.

Theatre fans have already joined the long queue, Old Vic reassures that ‘there are lots and lots of tickets available and each person will only book one ticket. The reason for the queue is because our website can only handle a limited number of bookers at one time, not due to lack of tickets! ‘

Plot: ‘When Patrick is eight years old his absent father returns unexpectedly and in a brief but memorable encounter, sets him the challenge of ‘The Three Kings’. Years later – recalling that meeting, and the revelations that followed – Patrick traces the events of his father’s life – and takes us on a journey of grandiose plans, aching disappointments and audacious self delusion.

By turns, hilarious and heartbreaking, Three Kings is about fathers and sons, the gifts and burdens of inheritance, and the unfathomable puzzle of human relationships. ‘- Old Vic

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